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NZAI books 1990-1999

The New Zealand Asia Institute has built up a list of publications that both reflect and reflect upon New Zealand’s engagement with Asia.

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New Zealand and Asia Perceptions, Identity and Engagement


Edited by Yongjin Zhang. [1999] 136 pp

Published in association with the Asia 2000 Foundation, this volume collects together the work of a number of younger scholars at the University of Auckland, exploring various aspects of New Zealand’s engagement with Asia since the Second World War, in significant and sometimes provocative ways.

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Indonesia after Soeharto


[1999] 168 pp

This book brings together eighteen papers given at a conference held in 1998 on the economic and political crisis in Indonesia.

It examines Indonesia’s historical development from pre-colonial and colonial times, its cultural characteristics, regional economic and security issues, military rule and democratisation, and East Timor’s journey from two colonialisms to independence.

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New Zealand-Asia Policy Consultation. Human Rights, Sovereignty and Migration


Edited by Ross Bell [1997] 125 pp, map

The volume brings together papers delivered by a range of key researchers and policy-makers at a policy consultation that was designed to situate the domestic debate on Asian immigration in relation to two main discourses – that relating to the Treaty of Waitangi and Maori sovereignty and that relating to Asian perspectives on human rights – and to identify long-term issues and practical means of developing policy.

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The Journal of Henry Burney in the Capital of Burma 1830-1832


With an introduction by Nicholas Tarling [1995] 121 pp

Grandson of the great musician Charles Burney and nephew of the novelist Fanny Burney, Henry Burney was himself, as the East India Company recognised, a man of "zeal, temper, address and ability". Those qualities were to serve him well in his difficult role as the first British Resident at the court of the Burmese king.

His biography was written by the late D.G.E. Hall. The present volume reproduces the greater part of the diary he kept in his first years in Ava.

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New Zealanders in Republican China 1912-1949


By Matthew Dalzell [1994] 235 pp, maps

This work, in origin a thesis for the Department of History at the University of Auckland, examines the "transformative intent" and practice of New Zealanders who engaged in missionary and aid work in China, in particular in the China Inland Mission, the Canton Villages Mission, the New Zealand church Missionary Society and CORSO. Of importance to those studying missions in general, and the New Zealand-China relationship in particular.

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Singapore and the Singaporeans since 1819


Compiled and introduced by Nicholas Tarling [1992] 65 pp

This volume aims to recapture part of Singapore’s past by quoting the writings of inhabitants and visitors over more than a century and a half. They comment not, like Van Leur’s sources, "from the deck of the ship, the ramparts of the fortress, the high gallery of the trading house", but from the verandah of the hotel, the seat in the rickshaw, the floor of the ballroom.

The collection testifies both to enduring features of Singapore and to the vast changes it has undergone.

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The Whole Thing was Orchestrated: New Zealand’s Response to the Indo-Chinese Refugees Exodus 1975 to 1985


By Robin Gallienne [1991] 269 pp, maps, figures, table, graphs

The book examines the most complex refugee experience ever faced by New Zealand. It considers how the government and the community coped with this problem and eventually created a more formal refugee-immigration policy. A pioneering work, based on documents, statistics and interviews, of interest both from a New Zealand and a comparative point of view.

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