India's kite-makers see sales fly during lockdown

02 December 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for kites is growing rapidly in India. Since the implemented lockdown in March, Indian kite retailers have seen a dramatic increase in demand and sales of their stock. The demand for kites has been so high that some retailers are struggling to fulfil it and there are concerns that the country will run out of kites completely. Even during the low sales period, between April and August, kite retailers have recorded unusually high sale numbers. The trend has also been picked up by the neighbouring Pakistan, leading to increasing orders from Pakistan consumers to Indian kite retailers. While kite-flying is a popular pastime in India, it is usually a seasonal activity done during festivals and national holidays, allowing retailers to recover and resupply their stocks between the seasons. However, due to this year’s lockdown the kite industry is being kept busy throughout the year. Although some Indian cities and towns have banned kite flying (due to fears of virus transmission), most places in the country still allow it – resulting in rapid growth of sales and increasing opportunities across the industry. The main reason for the surge in demand is that many Indians fly the kites from their terraces and roof tops to boost the morale during the pandemic. With the possibility of another lockdown, kite flying is likely to remain a popular distraction and pastime in India.

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