The middle-class kingdom: ‘Made in Japan’ is now big in China

02 October 2018

The demand for ‘made in Japan’ products is on the rise at such a rapid rate that it is starting to overtake the demand for locally produced goods in China. Due to the growing middle class that brings with it higher incomes, affluence and sophistication, Chinese consumers are now turning to Japan for top quality premium products. The demand for ‘made in Japan’ products is coming not only from China, but also other Asian markets as the middle-class grows across the region.

This growing demand means that Japanese manufacturers that were on the decline are now quickly recovering their sales numbers and rapidly increasing their production to meet the demand. Chinese businesses are also profiting from this trend by opening their factories in Japan, which enables them to use the ‘made in Japan’ label on their products with authenticity. The demand for Japanese-made products means more opportunities for businesses in China and other Asian countries if they collaborate and integrate with Japanese manufacturers and suppliers in their product manufacturing operations.

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