Starting in October 2018 - Indonesian Language Class

08 August 2018

We are offering a six-week Indonesian language course for adult learners. The course will cater to people with a range of prior exposure to Indonesian, from those who are absolute beginners, to those who have some familiarity with the language. It will provide a follow-on stream for those who have taken our first and second stage courses.

Learning the Indonesian language, or Bahasa Indonesia, opens the door to talking with more than 250 million people in Southeast Asia. Indonesian is widely understood in both Indonesia and Malaysia, where the national language is Malay, a closely related language. Both countries are important to New Zealand, with well-established and growing links in tourism, business and education as well as a range of social and cultural connections.

The classes are run by two experienced Indonesian tutors, Carissa Paramita and Nelly Martin, who have qualifications from universities in Indonesia, Australia and the US.

The course will introduce the core language required to get around and interact with Indonesian speakers, with further topics for more advanced students.

The next course will be held each Thursday at 5-6.30pm between 18 October and 22 November 2018.

If you are interested in attending this course, please emaill Dinah Towle at