Inside Shanghai's robot bank: China opens world's first human-free branch

31 May 2018

The number of robot workers and human-free businesses in China is growing. These robots allow businesses such as banks to become fully automated as they can talk to customers, check accounts and take bank cards. Banks and other financial businesses can also use automated machines for money transfers and foreign exchanges, and they also offer better security and surveillance options. Robots and machines are being increasingly used across China as security guards, retail assistants, chefs and waiters. Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition technologies are also used to cut down on crime by identifying offenders and alerting the authorities. While these robots can offer many benefits to businesses, there are also concerns about violation of privacy and reduction of quality in goods and services. Despite these concerns, the number of robots workers and human-free businesses is expected to grow rapidly by 2020 to help reverse the declining manufacturing sector, fill the gaps in low-wage labour and provide cheap and efficient labour.

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