Game-changing cloud: New business mindsets to compete globally

16 February 2018

New technologies are changing how businesses across the world are competing against one another. In its Asia Vision Series, Microsoft focuses on key technological and social trends in the Asian region. In this final installation of the series, the article explores how digital and cloud technologies are making companies in emerging markets competitive. Cloud technology is quickly becoming a key factor, necessary for SMEs as well as established large companies to prosper and gain competitive advantages. Some of the poorest and least developed Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar are now turning to this technology to grow their economies.

While the old business mindset, which included cheap labour, has worked well in the past when Asian businesses offered lower-end products, the companies in this region are realising that they need a new mindset if they want to offer higher-end goods production and services to sophisticated foreign markets. This is where cloud technology comes in. Cloud technologies provide a flexible, efficient, economical and secure way of doing business. Cybersecurity (enabled by cloud technology) is especially important for businesses in developing Asian markets who wish to expand to foreign markets, as they are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. These technologies also lead to improvements in quality control, which is quickly becoming the key factor in boosting global competitiveness. Cloud technologies are also able to create new jobs and industries, reduce operational costs and remove language barriers, while enabling companies to reach potential customers in any part of the world.

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