Māori food and wine exporters get onto the blockchain

30 November 2018

A new initiative to ensure authenticity of New Zealand products sold to Chinese online consumers has been launched this month. This initiative includes select Māori wine and food businesses, three New Zealand government organisations (NZ Post, AsureQuality and NZTE), Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba and blockchain (a system of online public record of transactions). With the new system in place, Chinese consumers will be able to scan QR codes on their New Zealand products (such as manuka honey) and see information about where exactly the product came from – showing that it is authentic.

The initiative is expected to greatly improve opportunities for New Zealand SMEs in China as it helps to reduce the existing lack of trust in online-bought products by enabling consumers to see whether their product is real or fake. While Chinese consumers trust New Zealand brands and resonate with Māori values of mana and guardianship, lack of trust (due to increasing sales of fake or counterfeit goods and the use of grey market online transactions) remains a major issue. However, if the initiative proves successful with the participating Māori wine and food businesses, other New Zealand businesses will be able to utilise blockchain when selling their products on global e-commerce platforms and encourage growth of consumer trust. This will create major opportunities for high-quality New Zealand producers in markets around the world as more consumers are prepared to pay a premium for authenticated products.

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