LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook: Where most of Asia's business deals are being done

30 May 2017

Email is becoming obsolete when it comes to conducting business deals. Instead, people are now more likely to use applications such as LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook (often in combination with each other). Chatting and messaging apps are especially popular in Asia due to the prevalence of social media in these markets. In Asia, it is common for social and business networks to emerge from using messaging apps. Asian consumers engage more with their messaging apps compared to non-Asian consumers. The majority of Asian companies also offer in-chat apps that integrate with Facebook messenger or WeChat. WeChat is especially good at providing consumers with multiple functions that allow consumers to send and receive money, shop, book restaurants and services, order taxis and arrange vacations with one app.

These apps are also changing business communication as more employers and employees in Asia preferring to use LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp and messenger apps for formal and semi-formal business communication (unlike Europe and the US who prefer email or calls). People use these apps for scheduling work meetings, communicating with potential clients or managing investments. This suggests that these apps have become Asia’s new business communication platforms. Now, not only do consumers use these apps, but businesses too are choosing them over email and phone calls. This trend is evident across Asia, despite differences in cultures, languages and consumer behaviours. This is an important trend for foreign businesses to know about and adapt to when collaborating with Asian businesses or targeting Asian consumers.

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