China’s Continuing Green Shift in the Electric Power Sector: Evidence from 2016 data

23 June 2017

China’s green shift in its electric power system is the fastest in the world, but is it moving fast enough to counteract the damage caused by the greenhouse gases? This research report focuses on China’s green shift in the power sector in recent years. Data from 2016 show that while China still has the highest carbon emissions in the world, it has decreased its dependence on fossil fuels. China has also invested heavily into the new power supply system in 2016 by investing in power generation facilities that are based on renewable sources such as solar, water and wind. Due to the green shift, China has experienced large increases in the generation capacity of renewable source power systems, increases in the amount of electricity generated and heavy investment in new energy systems. China is also aiming to reduce dependence on coal as the main fuel source, both at home and in its Belt and Road investments. However, while green consumption in China is growing rapidly, the total power generated is still dominated by black, thermal power. Due to this, the damage that has already been done to the environment cannot be undone and further damage is likely unless thermal power generation is wholly discontinued. Businesses from around the world will need to step up and implement these changes regardless of their regions of operation.

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