Three reasons Southeast Asia is a great place for developers

13 July 2017

Southeast Asia is quickly becoming a land of opportunities for high tech business developers. This region is diverse, has high mobile phone penetration and has some of the fastest growing economies in the world. This Venture Beat article outlines three key reasons for developers to consider doing business in Southeast Asia. First, Southeast Asia utilises some of the most innovative mobile applications and leads in their development. This region’s consumers have moved on from desktop computer technology and have adopted mobile technology instead, meaning that the local developers can focus on developing mobile apps rather than desktop ones. Another important factor for high tech developers is that Southeast Asia’s tech sector is still relatively young, which means startups can participate in a number of different markets and develop different features and products.

The second reason to consider developing in Southeast Asia is that work in this region will have significant social impact, as much of the region is relatively underdeveloped in terms of infrastructure. This means there are many opportunities for developers to help improve cities and infrastructure and reduce negative impacts such as traffic congestion. The final reason Southeast Asia should be considered is that developers will have the ability to easily travel to other countries and expand their business across the region, as well as having wide range of lifestyle options due to the diversity this region offers. Developers can also work for Southeast Asian companies without living in the region due to the widespread use of mobile technology.

Read the full article on the Venture Beat website.

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