A Chinese approach to managmeent

31 October 2014

Harvard Business Review

China offers a number of valuable management lessons to businesses. The four key principles that Chinese managers use are: improvisation, speed, flexibility and responsiveness. These principles were developed due to the turbulent economic environment in China which resulted in a need to have flexible and quickly-adapting management. Chinese business leaders believe that they need to create their own business ecosystems (they must be a part of everything in their business including supplier relationship building, and choosing and training new recruits). Chinese managers believe that the key factors that are necessary for your business to survive are the ability to adapt quickly, recognising and using new talent and the ability to pull resources together from different sources.

Key Chinese management practices also include: structuring organizations simply, ad hoc decision making, fast and flexible product development (especially keeping engineering and manufacturing close), and building relationships with the government and other institutes. The article discusses these lessons in greater detail and gives useful advice on how to emulate the strategies used by the most successful Chinese business leaders.

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