New Zealand Asia Institute


Here you will find a list of speakers for the international conference, "Japanese Responses to Social Crisis and Disaster 1995 and 2011".

Speakers include:

  • Simon Avenell, Australian National University
  • Andrew Barrie, The University of Auckland
  • Mary Caygill, Durham Street Methodist Church, Christchurch
  • Tim Graf, Heidelberg University & Tohoku University
  • Phoebe Holdgrün, German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo
  • Inaba Keishin, Osaka University
  • Ambassador Ian Kennedy
  • Rikki Kersten, Australian National University
  • Jeffrey Kingston, Temple University, Tokyo
  • Mark Mullins, The University of Auckland
  • Koichi Nakano, Sophia University
  • Rumi Sakamoto, The University of Auckland
  • Ria Shibata, University of Otago
  • David Slater, Sophia University, Tokyo
  • Rebecca Suter, University of Sydney