In the market: An update on China's political economy Event as iCalendar

(New Zealand Asia Institute)

04 September 2017

4 - 5:30pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Room 223, Level 2, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland, 1010


New Zealand businessman David Mahon will provide an update – informed by his years living, investing and advising foreign corporates in China – on the recent deleveraging of the Chinese economy, political shifts leading up to this year's Party Congress, and regional geopolitics both influencing and being influenced by China's evolution. David will make particular reference to the impact of recently heightened tensions in the Korean Peninsula, and argue that only a renewed commitment to regional partnership based on trade and aid will achieve a sustainable de-escalation of tensions.

About David Mahon

Mr David Mahon is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Mahon China Investment Management Ltd. He has managed five private-equity portfolios in China and held direct responsibility for the management of over 25 Chinese companies. Mr Mahon has extensive experience advising multinationals on their strategies in China and has served on the boards of international and Chinese financial and industrial firms. Mr Mahon writes and publishes China Watch, a quarterly review of China’s political, economic and social developments. He is also a regular commentator in the Chinese and international news media. Mr Mahon has been resident in Beijing since 1984.


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